Don’t give up on love!

Don’t give up on love. Nomatter how many dates, or breakups it takes!


You could have it all, but still not have it all. 

In this generation we feel having more is better. We tend to forget that simplicity could fulfill our hearts just as much as having it all. Just think about it. What if you had everything except your sanity? What if you had millions but you didn’t possess love? Would you rather have it that way? Or would you choose a peace of mind and a filled heart over materialistic things? When you have it all remember to not forget the small things such as your sanity or your humbleness because it’s the key to truly having it all. 

It’s ok to be the rock!

Everyone wants to be the diamond. Somebody has to be the rock. I’m okay with being the rock. That doesn’t make me complacent. I’m far from complacent. I’m ok with being who I am and not who my social environment wants me to be. I’m okay with being looked over because to you I may not show value. I would rather you think I’m doing nothing then to know my every move. I would prefer you think I’m useless then to know my true value. Just like the rock there’s so many ingredients within me that has made me solid and able to carry my own weight. Continue being the diamonds that’s molded by your social environment. 

-Sincerely the rock/ Okevia